Institute for Innovation and Technology

Political and economic decisions require profound expert know-how. For that matter, social and technology-related policy developments must be identified and labelled at an early stage. At the Institute for Innovation and Technology (iit), we provide all the fundamental basics for this detection process. Since 2007, our experts work day after day analysing, researching and forecasting technological and social trends.

How will future developments be shaped by technologies and its fields of application? How can these technological developments be enabled or encouraged? Which innovation policies have proven successful in the past? Which concepts and experiences do already exist on the international landscape? What impact might these developments have on people, the economy, society and nature? All these are questions that drive us at the iit.

We thoroughly observe innovation research and innovation policy at the intersection of science, business and politics. We have bundled our many years of expertise into five areas: Education and Innovation, Innovation Systems and Support Instruments, Technology Assessment, SystemInnovations as well as Evaluation.

Where does our expertise come from? With regard to research and consultancy, the iit can rely on the know-how and experience of more than 130 scientific employees, whose expertise covers a broad array of disciplines from natural science and engineering to social science and economics. Our work culture is characterised by a dynamic interdisciplinary exchange on up-to-date innovation issues. That way, more than 35 years of experience from VDI/VDE-IT enrich the work of the iit.

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SystemInnovations are technology-based innovations that can translate into economically viable and socially acceptable products or services. The iit supports analytical processes of SystemInnovations through its own research, studies, good practice examples and policy recommendations.

Education and Innovation

Education and skill level of the workforce are important determinants of how successful businesses are in terms of innovation and therefore also constitute a measure for the competitiveness of national economies. The iit offers professional consultancy in the areas of securing skilled labour in times of demographic change, technical education and diversity, permeability of the education system and innovation indicators.


The iit offers proper assessments of innovation policy measures which can contribute to their optimisation. Thereby, we survey and assess individual measures and programmes - always in relation to the entire innovation system.

Technology Assessment

We offer public players, stakeholders, companies, associations, research institutions and organisations the full array of consulting services in the area of technology assessment and technology foresight. Our objective is to use a multi-facetted toolbox to assist our customers in innovation processes, strategy development and future planning by opening up new perspectives.

Innovation Systems and Support Instruments

The iit has a longtime experience in the analysis and evaluation of innovation systems as well as in the identification of strengths, weaknesses and possible strategies and fields of development. Furthermore, we advise, consult and support political and economic players with respect to the design of new instruments to promote innovation.


iit Innovation Capability Indicator

Logo iit-Innovationsfähigkeitsindikator EN

With the iit Innovation Capability Indicator you can rank and compare the innovation capabilities of 25 European countries. You can choose different sub-categories and graphical representations.
Start your own analysis with the iit-Innovation Capability Indicator now!

Future Log Files

Logo Future Log Files

“Where will the happiest people live on the globe in the year 2040?”, “Which book do you think will still be worth reading then?” These and other questions are regularly posed to outstanding scientists, entrepreneurs, innovators und artists to find out how they imagine the future(s), what deeply moves them and what they possibly even fear. Future Log Files is a pro bono project of iit.

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