Project Office – Crisis Science Project (CRISP)

The Crisis Science Project (CRISP) is supported by experts from the iit in the form of a project office as a central contact and networking unit.

Dr. Andrea Kölbel, social geographer and economist, heads the CRISP project office. Stronger cooperation across institutional and subject boundaries as well as co-creative learning processes at the interfaces between science and politics are topics she would like to promote in the project.

Dr. Melanie Erckrath, an educational scientist, is co-responsible for all issues related to the Crisis Science Project and brings experience at the interface of educational administration and science in addition to her technical expertise. She is particularly interested in the challenge of strengthening mutual understanding between administration and science.

As a political scientist and master’s graduate in futures studies, Dennis Mandwurf is both a scientific advisor in the Crisis Science Project and as well responsible for the project’s communication and public relations. He is particularly interested in the system-changing and scenario-related aspects of the project’s work.

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