Bernhard Grieb

"More than ever before, our future is determined by how we deal with technology. Even if technology itself often takes a back seat, it is the driver of innovation. What I find most interesting about innovations is that they are always new and at the same time economically successful developments.“

Focus of work

  • Regional development and innovation strategies
  • Communication concepts and location marketing
  • Business development
  • Management consulting for clusters and networks
  • Formats for technology transfer and cross-clustering
  • Start-ups / Business plans

Curriculum vitae

Bernhard Grieb studied industrial engineering at the University of Cooperative Education in Karlsruhe (today: Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University). After starting his career, he completed an extra-occupational Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Steinbeis University with a specialisation in Public Management. As a student at the University of Cooperative Education, Bernhard Grieb was employed at EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG. He then worked in project management at Liebenau Service GmbH before spending eight years working for the Bodenseekreis GmbH business development agency. There he first worked as Project Manager Marketing and from 2010 to 2015 as Branch Manager and Cluster Manager for the aerospace cluster BodenseeAIRea. Since 2015, Bernhard Grieb has been working as a consultant for VDI/VDE-IT and iit, and has also worked for the ClusterAgency Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart.