Uwe Seidel

"By means of intensive examination of system innovations in future technology fields, we combine technological with economic perspectives, allowing continual exchange of perspectives."

Focus of work

  • (Electro-)Mobility
  • System innovations
  • Analysis of innovation systems
  • Business incubation

Curriculum vitae

Uwe Seidel studied business management and is a senior project manager in the area of "international technology cooperations and clusters" at VDI/VDE-IT. He has a sound knowledge and many years of experience in the analysis of innovation systems and accompanying research towards systemically implemented innovation concepts. With great dedication he supports technology-oriented company foundations and their business models.

Uwe Seidel directs consultation and training projects in Europe and the MENA region (Middle East and Northern Africa). Current focal areas of his activity include forward-looking concepts for sustainable urban development and (electro-)mobility, which are characterised by innovation power and social responsibility.


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