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Institute for Innovation and Technology

Political and economic decisions require profound expert know-how. For that matter, social and technology-related policy developments must be identified and labelled at an early stage. At the Institute for Innovation and Technology (iit), we provide all the fundamental basics for this detection process. Since 2007, our experts work day after day analysing, researching and forecasting technological and social trends.

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iit Innovation Capability Indicator

With the iit Innovation Capability Indicator you can rank and compare the innovation capabilities of 25 European countries. You can choose different sub-categories and graphical representations.
Start your own analysis with the iit-Innovation Capability Indicator now!

Future Log Files

Logo Future Log Files

“Where will the happiest people live on the globe in the year 2040?”, “Which book do you think will still be worth reading then?” These and other questions are regularly posed to outstanding scientists, entrepreneurs, innovators und artists to find out how they imagine the future(s), what deeply moves them and what they possibly even fear. Future Log Files is a pro bono project of iit.