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ANIS – Road sign for innovation policy measures

What is ANIS?

The iit instrument ANIS stands for "Indicator-based Analysis of National Innovation Systems". It examines the maturity of an innovation system by means of an indicator-based analysis.

For whom is ANIS interesting?

ANIS is aimed at public contracting authorities who want to subject the innovation system of their country or a region to an examination with regard to tried and tested indicators. These results can then be compared with results from countries in similar regions in order to derive recommendations for action.

How does ANIS work?

The ANIS approach is based on the assumption that an innovation system is influenced by different effects at the macro- (innovation strategy), meso- (institutional and programmatic innovation support) and micro-level (innovation capacity). Analysing these makes it possible to identify key factors, which can be improved by appropriate measures. The complete innovation system of a region or country is therefore influenced positively. The ANIS method comprises research of literature, expert discussions and a portfolio analysis. After intensive group interviews with the most important actors of the innovation system, the status is described in various assessment categories.

The evaluation results in comparative diagrams and recommendations for action for future measures. Factors determining innovation are evaluated by means of portfolio analysis. In this process, the resources required by the achievable effects (e.g. sponsorship, infrastructure, work resources, structural changes) are contrasted (e.g. the improvement of the general conditions and the innovation capacity of the actors). This enables the derivation of a focus and the extent of future interventions for the consolidation and development of the innovation strength of the respective country.

Why should ANIS be used?

Many political measures and sponsorship programmes are directed at strengthening the power of innovation. Not only in Europe, but also in northern and southern Africa, in the Middle East and in many regions of Asia, the implementation of new ideas in need-oriented products and services becomes a genuine competitive factor. But how does one measure the innovation power of a country with the aim of improvement? ANIS offers the right solution to this problem!

What are some example results of ANIS?

With the product ANIS, the iit provides a clearly understandable, indicator-based decision-making basis for the institution of concrete measures to improve a country’s innovation capability. For example, in the analysis of the innovation system in Indonesia, the improvement of the factor "Services for innovation support" was assessed as having been particularly effective. As a result, a programme was instituted by the Indonesian Ministry which qualifies personnel for so-called "Business Technology Centres". Trained experts now work in various regions of Indonesia as service-providers for innovation, network management and company development.

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