Where does our expertise come from? With regard to research and consultancy, the iit can rely on the knowlegde and experience of more than 130 reserach and science employees whose expertise covers a broad array of disciplines - from natural science and engineering to social science and economics. Our work culture is characterised by a dynamic, interdisciplinary exchange on up-to-date innovation issues. Thus, more than 35 years of experience from VDI/VDE-IT enrich the work of the iit.


Name E-Mail
Dr. Marc Bovenschulte
Peter Gabriel
PD Dr. Ernst Andreas Hartmann
Dr. Gerd Meier zu Köcker
Lukas Nögel
Dr. Stephan Otto
Prof. Dr. Volker Wittpahl


Name E-Mail
Lorenz Hornbostel
Désirée Tillack


Name E-Mail
Sebastian Abel
Dr. Wenke Apt
Dr. Christoph Bogenstahl
Dr. Christin Brings
Claudia Martina Buhl
Corinne Büching
Dr. Stephanie Christmann-Budian
Dr. Anne Dwertmann
Dr. Simone Ehrenberg-Silies
Dr. Johannes Geffers
Jan-Hinrich Gieschen
Bernhard Grieb
Wolfram Groß
Dr. Tobias Hainz
Dr. Kalle Hauss
Nele Hellbernd
Tobias Jetzke
Doris Johnsen
Dr. Martina Kauffeld-Monz
Dr. Heiko Kempa
Dr. Sonja Kind
Roman Korzynietz
Dr. Stefan Krabel
Miriam Kreibich
Léna Krichewsky-Wegener
Dr. Andrea Kölbel
Dr. Matthias Künzel
Dr. Joachim Lepping
Tilman Liebchen
Dr. Axel Mangelsdorf
Dr. Rainer Moorfeld
Dr. Anastasia Mozhova
Sara Morin Müller
Kirsten Neumann
Dr. Matthias Palzkill
Stephan Richter
Dr. Marieke Rohde
Sandra Rohner
Dr. Markus Schürholz
Benedikt Sedlmayr
Uwe Seidel
Dr. Matthias Seydack
Dr. Eike-Christian Spitzner
Ida Stamm
Dr. Hartmut Strese
Carolin Thiem
Dr. Leo Wangler
Sebastian Weide
Christine Weiß
Dr. Jan Wessels
Dr. Nicolas Winterhager
Dr. Steffen Wischmann
Dr. Stefan Wolf
Dr. Oliver Ziegler
Guido Zinke

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