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"Sustainable developments can only be implemented if the entire system is considered with all its facets and interactions. Pioneer changes will only go together with cross-sectoral solutions."

Doris Johnsen
+49 (0) 30 310078-5582

Focal areas of work

  • Mobility
  • Transport
  • Digitalisation
  • Urban- and rural development
  • Energy
  • Transformation processes

Curriculum Vitae

Ms. Johnsen studied Geography, Urban and Regional Planning and Economics. She has been working as a consultant at the Institute for Innovation and Technology (iit) since September 2017. In particular, Ms Johnsen deals with mobility and energy related issues in national and international context. She focuses on sustainable urban and transport development, innovative mobility services and mobility concepts, electro mobility and digital transformation. Ms. Johnsen has 15 years of experience in innovative mobility solutions, sharing services, electro mobility and transformation processes. Before Ms. Johnsen changed to the iit in the VDI / VDE-IT, she advised federal ministries, European and international organizations on the topics of sustainable mobility, transport and energy efficiency. Currently, she supports the federal ministry of economics especially on electro mobility and smart services and supports municipal transformation processes.


(only available in German)

  • Metropolitan Fleet Car - Ein Modell zur Flexibilisierung von Flotten für Fuhrparks und Carsharin, in:Internationales Verkehrswesen, Heft 09/2005.
  • Möglichkeitsräume innovativer Mobilitätsdienstleistungen als ergänzende Funktion des ÖV, Hrsg. Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR) (interner Bericht), 2007

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