„Educational technologies can support learning and teaching. At iit we conduct research regarding digitalization in educational sectors in order to contribute to the quality and innovative capacity of educational systems.“

Dr. Dana-Kristin Mah

+49 (0) 30 310078-5649

Focal areas of work

  • Higher Education & Research
  • Digitalization
  • Educational technologies
  • Teaching methods
  • Competence development

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Dana-Kristin Mah has been working in the Education, Science and Humanities Department at VDI/VDE-IT since May 2018. Currently, she focuses on educational technologies in higher education and scientifc further education. Her previous roles include research and teaching assistant at the Department Educational and Socialization Processes at the University of Potsdam and teaching assistant at the Center for Scientific Continuing Education and Cooperation at the Berlin Institute of Technology in the fields of higher education, teaching methods and competence development. She studied Educational Science in Magdeburg, Berlin, and Stockholm. In her doctoral thesis she concentrated on students’ first-year experience in higher education with a focus on academic competencies, and the potential of learning analytics and digital badges to enhance first-year student retention.


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