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"Research systems depend on well-qualified early-stage researchers. At iit we conduct research on the qualification and career conditions of young researchers."

Dr. Kalle Hauss
+49 (0) 30 310078-5679

Focal areas of work

  • Higher Education Research
  • Careers of young scholars
  • Evaluation, Evaluation Research
  • empirical methods
  • quantitative methods

Curriculum Vitae

Kalle Hauss studied social sciences at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and gained his PhD at the TU Dortmund University. He began his career as a researcher at the Institute for Research Information and Quality Assurance (now DZHW), were he was involved in research on the changing nature of the German PhD system and careers of young researchers. Kalle Hauss gained further experience in the field of quality development of universities and expanded his expertise in evaluation research. He has been working in the Education, Science and Humanities Department of the VDI/VDE-it in July 2018.


  • Since 2013 lecturer at the Institute for Further Education Qualification (WiB e.V.). - School management and evaluations in higher education institutions


  • Hauss, K.; Tesch, J. (2013): A Longitudinal Perspective on Research Career Intentions during PhD Candidacy. in: Hinze, S.; Lottmann, A (Eds.): Translational twists and turns: Science as a socio-economic endeavor. Proceedings of STI 2013 Berlin – 18th International Conference on Science and Technology Indicators. Berlin: iFQ
(only available in German)

  • Hauss, K.; Kaulisch, M.; Zinnbauer, M.; Tesch, J.; Fräßdorf, A.; Hinze, S.; Hornbostel, S. (2012): Promovierende im Profil: Wege, Strukturen und Rahmenbedingungen von Promotionen in Deutschland. Ergebnisse aus dem ProFile-romovierendenpanel. iFQ-Working Paper No. 13. Berlin 2012
  • Hauss, K.; Ratzlaff, O.; Niedermeier, F (2015): Zwei Perspektiven auf den Studienverlauf. Methodologie und Praxis im Qualitätsmanagement von Lehre und Studium, in: Vettori, O.; Salmhofer, G.; Ledermüller, K.; Mitterauer, L „Eine Frage der Wirksamkeit“, Tagungsband, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien 2014

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