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"Only rarely are we fortunate enough to encounter firmly defined guiding lines for innovations. Most of the time, however, we have to search and detect the decisive factors for successes or failures."

Dr. Marc Bovenschulte
+49 30 310078-108

Focal areas of work

  • Technology outlook, foresight and trend scouting
  • Innovation capability in the context of demographic change
  • Reciprocal effects between regional and value-creation structures (regional development, innovation milieus, reflexive processes of knowledge generation)
  • Analysis of innovation processes and systems; Latin America marks one geographic focal point

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Marc Bovenschulte was born in 1967 and obtained his doctorate in biology at the University of Göttingen. He later became a member of the scientific staff of the German Bundestag, Bonn, on the subjects of bio-technology, telecommunications and general research policy questions. He then worked as assistant to the Scientific Director at the Max Delbrück Centre for Molecular Medicine, Berlin, and Director of the scientific unit of the Forum für Wissenschaft und Technik gGmbH, Göttingen, focussing on the fields of bio-medicine, new media and public understanding of science.

Since the end of 2000 he works at VDI/VDE-IT where he directs the Department of Demographic Change and Future Research since 2011. Dr. Marc Bovenschulte is also part of the iit-management, acting as one of the directors since 2013.

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