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"A society’s attitude towards innovation partly depends on the ethical values of its members. Innovators are therefore well advised to know and to proactively engage in discussions about these values.“

Dr. Tobias Hainz
+49 (0) 228 39175-24

Focal areas of work

  • Bioethics & Medical Ethics
  • Health & Care
  • Demographic change

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Tobias Hainz studied German Philology, Philosophy, Sociology (M.A.) and Health Economics (MaHE) in Mainz and Bremen. In 2013, he completed his PhD in Philosophy with a bioethical dissertation on radical life extension at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf. Since April 2017, he has been working as a consultant at VDI/VDE-IT, and since September 2018, he is also an expert at the Institute for Innovation and Technology. He previously worked as a researcher and lecturer in medical ethics at Hannover Medical School and University Medicine Mainz.

He is an expert on bioethics and medical ethics, especially with regard to anti aging and further emerging technologies, human enhancement, demographic change, and public involvement in biomedical research and innovation. Additionally, he successfully participated in various business plan competitions with a focus on the health industry.


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  • A. Dwertmann, T. Hainz (in Vorbereitung): Von Erbsen zu Designerbabies? – Die CRISPR/Cas-Methode und ihre historischen Wurzeln, in: VDI/VDE-IT-Festschrift.

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