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"Innovations initiated by technology lead to radical changes in the context of their utilization. Anyone who wants to actively shape the transformation of the 21st century needs to understand technology and deploy it in a proper way.“

Prof. Dr. Volker Wittpahl

iit Management
+49 (0) 30 310078-5507

Curriculum Vitae

After studying microelectronics in Germany and Singapore with a focus on material analysis, Volker Wittpahl did his Ph.D. on contactless on-wafer circuit testing with up to 100 GHz by use of scanning force microscopy. He then gained industrial work experience while working in the Philips corporate group in the areas of technology marketing and innovation management for the automotive supplier market. With an internal move to Philips Design in Eindhoven (NL), Volker Wittpahl was among those in charge of development in the corporate owned interdisciplinary think tank.

From 2003 to 2015, he worked as a freelancing innovation manager and, among others, closely interacted with the former Mannesmann Pilotentwicklung, which was later transformed to Vodafone R&D in Munich. In 2014, Volker Wittpahl assumed a professorship at Klaipėda University (LT), where he initiates German-Baltic projects on technology and knowledge transfer.

Since 2016, Prof. Dr. Wittpahl serves as managing director of the Institute for Innovation and Technology (iit).

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