Further Analyses & Services

For our work at iit, we use a wide range of customized, also data-based, tools across topics and projects.

Whether for a business model development, data-based evaluation of a technological advance, online event, for a dialog process or a marketing concept – our instruments have been developed and tested by our experts. We continuously develop tools and methods and flexibly adapt them to our customers’ individual requirements.



Here you can find exemplary iit projects from the area “Further analyses & services”.

Innovationen & Technologien

Through the merging of two already existing networks in Thuringia, the project aims to increase visibility and performance – also beyond the borders of Thuringia. This should also strengthen the perception and influence of the cluster on the economic and political level. With the merger, the players want to drive […]

Bildung & Forschung, Wirtschaft & Arbeit, Wirtschaftsförderung

The objective of the ELIAS joint project, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), is to develop new approaches and concepts, taking into account the accelerated technological and demographic change, in order to design modern work and production systems in a way that is […]

Innovationen & Technologien, Internationales

Demand-driven or user-driven: What is the difference and how can it be promoted through policy intervention at the regional level? The project was implemented in the context of the European Creative Industry Alliance and suggested a “Perfect Programme” for the promotion of the creative industry based on demand as well […]

Internationales, Regionalentwicklung & Infrastruktur

Cluster and network policy has been gaining increasing importance in North Africa since the Arab Spring. This is also the case in Libya, which already addressed the topic of cluster development together with Michael Porter (Harvard Business School) in 2006. The iit's CLUSLIB project continues this work consistently and has […]

Bildung & Forschung, Wirtschaft & Arbeit, Wirtschaftsförderung

The project was intended to support companies in the chemical industry, employees in the sector and providers of further education in making the further education system in the chemical industry and thus Germany's position as a base for the chemical industry successful and competitive in the future. The CIWES project […]

Internationales, Wirtschaft & Arbeit, Wirtschaftsförderung

The fourth Industrial Revolution, the transition to Industry 4.0, also poses major challenges for Asian economies and governments. In addition to the industrial capacity for Industry 4.0, the respective national research, technology, education and innovation policies play a major role with regard to the readiness of Asian countries for the […]

Bildung & Forschung

The National Report on Junior Scholars (Bundesbericht Wissenschaftlicher Nachwuchs - BuWiN) is an independent, scientific report on the situation of young researchers in Germany, which primarily examines the qualifications, career paths and career prospects of doctoral students and postdocs. The report has been published once per legislative period since 2008. […]

Innovationen & Technologien, Medizin & Gesundheit, Wirtschaft & Arbeit, Wirtschaftsförderung

In the project, which was carried out jointly by IEGUS GmbH, VDI/VDE-IT and the University of Konstanz, concepts for finding and retaining skilled workers in care SMEs were systematised, evaluated and documented. The consideration was supplemented by an analysis of the development of skilled workers in the care sector. The […]

Medizin & Gesundheit

The project is based on the results of the study "Supporting care recipients with technical assistance systems", which was presented at the end of 2013. These provided the BMG with initial indications of the extent to which currently existing technical assistance systems are suitable for achieving the goals of care […]

Medizin & Gesundheit

A holistic and synergetic view of central issues for the people in a digital society is at the heart of the concept development. The primary objective is to use the opportunities offered by digitisation and technological progress to create a modern, empowering and inclusive social space. A social space describes […]

Bildung & Forschung

The project consisted in the development of the concept and the realisation of the conference as well as the subsequent documentation of the conference results in form of a book publication. Against the backdrop of demographic change, the contributions and discussions focused on issues relating to the increased integration of […]

Bildung & Forschung

The BMBF symposium, part of the BMBF initiative "Recognition of vocational skills in higher education study programmes", linked experiences from work and higher education in the context of permeability and recognition from an innovation policy, work and professional world perspective. The symposium followed up on the guidelines for modernising and […]

Bildung & Forschung

The task was a subtask of the long-standing Innovum project within the MST programme and included the supra-regional coordination of the nationwide education and training network for microsystems technology, which consists of six regional networks. The aim of the network is to bring together players from universities, colleges, industry, small […]