Benefits and Financing of technical assistance systems using the example of Community Networking

The project is based on the results of the study "Supporting care recipients with technical assistance systems", which was presented at the end of 2013. These provided the BMG with initial indications of the extent to which currently existing technical assistance systems are suitable for achieving the goals of care assistance provision as defined in § 40 SGB XI. These goals address the facilitation of care, the alleviation of complaints and the enabling of a more independent lifestyle. In the project, a concrete technical assistance system for community networking (PAUL) is now to be examined in its practical application. The technical solution to be considered is modular in design, so that users can use different functionalities according to their needs – from emergency calls, home control and information to networking with service providers, e.g. for household-related services, medicine and care. The project will shed light on key questions regarding the concrete benefits and, based on these, financing options for technical innovations for the elderly and people in need of care.


December 2014 - May 2016


Federal Ministry of Health (BMG)