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ANIS: Indonesia

(2012) - Summarising Report of the Determinants of the Indonesian Innovation System
Gerd Meier zu Köcker/ Shilpi Saxena

The maturity level of an NIS as well as the performance of its actors may be improved by means of policy measures addressing either individual determinants or groups. As the determinants are often linked to each other the degree of improvement can even increase and leave a higher impact in the entire NIS. The ANIS approach also contains a portfolio analysis which compares the required effort and the potential impact of certain determinants, especially those that are below average in a given country. One scale represents the "efforts needed" in terms of capability to provide public funds, investments in infrastructure and human resources, policy reluctance, structural changes, etc. The other one represents the "expected impact" in terms of improved framework conditions or improved innovation capacity of the actors. This approach provides a quick and comprehensive picture of the main scope of interventions. As a result of these findings, specific policy measures addressing these determinants can be formulated.

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