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Clusters in Emerging Industries

(2012) - iit perspektive 9
Gerd Meier zu Köcker/ Michael Nerger/ Thomas Lämmer-Gamp/ Zita Zombori

Many European citizens may believe Europe to be the center of the world, but recent events such as the last economic crisis has slowed further progress. While economic recovery has been a more immediate challenge for Europe, the bigger one in the near future will be avoiding a return to a pre-crisis scenario. Additionally, even though the European member states’ economies are becoming increasingly interlinked, which enables them to benefit from one of the most open economies in the world, competition from developed and emerging economies is ever intensifying. Therefore, Europeans today face the need for transformation to cope with the impact of global economic crisis, as well as Europe’s structural weaknesses and intensifying global challenges.

At present, a major challenge is developing Europe’s research strengths in emerging technologies at a rapid pace and bringing them to market. It is the key enabling technologies such as industrial biotechnology, nanotechnology, advanced materials, photonics, micro- and nano-electronics, and advanced manufacturing systems that can provide the basis for a wide variety of new processes and goods and services, and of which new industries developed over the next decade may be comprised.

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