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Developing Successful Creative & Cultural Clusters

(2012) - Measuring their outcomes and impacts with new framework tools
Sonja Kind/ Gerd Meier zu Köcker

Cultural and creative industries (CCI) represent a significant, still growing industry in Europe. According to the European Cluster Observatory, more than 6,5 million employees work in this diverse industrial sector which is characterized by the continuous emergence of new subindustries. Converging technologies and new applications are key drivers for innovations and new products in this industry. However, CCI are rather different from other industries in many respects. Consequently, it remains a difficult subject for policy-makers to find appropriate support actions, as it is cross-sectoral and relates more or less to any area of public policy.

Clusters are believed to become one of the key tools to renew European industry. Thus, clusters have already become the focal point of many policy initiatives in Europe within the last few years. But can conventional cluster support schemes also applied for clusters from CCI? And how to measure outcomes and impacts of clusters and cluster initiatives in the CCI are?

The aim of this study is to analyze the key issues and challenges of clusters in CCI, and to develop a framework to measure outcomes and impacts of cluster initiatives in the field of creative and cultural industries throughout Europe. Based on a better understanding on how and where cluster in CCI differ from those from traditional industries, more tailor-made and demand-oriented public support measures, aiming at the cluster approach as well as at the gathered actors, can be developed and implemented.

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