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iit Trend Monitoring

(2017) - Start-Up Scene
Teresa Behm/ Marc Bovenschulte/ Jan-Peter Ferdinand/ Audrey Gibouin/ Rene van den Hoevel/ Daniel Mazuré/ Cornelia Sonnenberg/ Barbara Zollmann

Start-ups are an important stimulus for creative innovation, both within established companies and whole economies. Firstly, the innovative services and products developed by start-ups lead to more jobs, stronger growth and improved sales prospects – on a national and a global scale. Secondly, start-up businesses increase levels of innovation capital, rejuvenate corporate structures and start important trends for the use of new technologies, modern procedures and more efficient manufacturing processes. An assessment of the global start-up scene, however, shows considerable differences between the various regional start-up epicentres. The Institute for Innovation and Technology (iit) has worked together with the iit representatives at Germany’s foreign chambers of commerce in France, Chile, Argentina, South Korea and the West Coast of the USA (San Francisco) to compile a trend monitoring report about the development of the start-up scene in various parts of the world. The purpose of the report is to show the differences between the regions and to draw general conclusions about the opportunities and conditions for start-up ecosystem development.

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