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Quality Frame

(2008) - A Fact based peer Review Approach for the Mutual development of organisational Excellence – A manual for innovation initiatives
Peter Hahn/ Gerd Meier zu Köcker

Good practices often suffer from a lack of relevance outside their initial context of use – and the benefit of participation in good practice exchange is to be found mostly in the discussion with professionals with similar tasks. It was the objective of the IMQ NET feasibility study to develop and test an effective methodology for good practice exchange. Practices should be related to measurable objectives and exchange should focus on the improvement of individual practices in individual contexts of Initiatives. Continuous improvement methodologies and quality management concepts are recognized drivers for individual organizational innovation. They are common in European innovation initiatives/organizations. This at least is the result of a survey carried out by VDI/VDE-IT in 2007: A majority of the answering sample claimed to apply comprehensive quality management systems to their organizations. QUALITY FRAME is based on the idea to combine proven quality management and continuous improvement methodologies with a methodology for mutual review and consulting.

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