Economy & Labor, Business Development

In recent years, the frame conditions for companies of various sizes have changed significantly. These and new developments require adjustments and a new self-understanding.

Much has changed for companies of all sizes: New production processes, technologies and new ways of using labour have led to challenges but also to significant opportunities for players in industry and service sector. In addition to the changing value creation it is also necessary to reorganize the division of labor. Highly flexible production of individualized, digitally enhanced products and services requires a new understanding and support for the adjustment.

The iit observes the development of the economy and labour market and, moreover, monitors the promotion of economic development. Questions include the following:

  • How does digitization and the introduction of new technologies affect work processes and business areas?
  • What demands will companies have to meet?
  • What skills do employees need for future tasks?

The iit’s projects and publications that focus on business & labour and business development are listed below.



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Das Thema: Wirtschaft & Arbeit, Wirtschaftsförderung existiert nicht.