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Technology and innovation policy is subject to steadily growing pressure for more efficiency, effectiveness and legitimacy. In the wake of this development, demand is on the rise for thorough evaluations, which serve as proper assessments of innovation policy measures and can contribute to their optimisation.

Such programmes can be found as part of national innovation policy but also in research institutions and industrial companies. Programme managers require information about whether and to what extent desired effects ("impacts") have been achieved, which programmatic changes may lead to a more efficient use of resources and better results, and which thematic and structural foci should be set for future programmes.

A prerequisite for reliable evaluation results is the use of scientifically sound methods and quality standards, such as the standards established by the DeGEval Evaluation Society. The evaluation of individual measures and programmes should be regarded within the overarching framework of the innovation system to which the respective measure is allocated. Accordingly, the assessment of the context and the interactions between different innovation policies play an important role in the evaluation of their effects.

Our services in this field include:

  • Retrospective evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of technology and innovation programmes (ex post evaluations)
  • Accompanying evaluation of technology and innovation programmes for the purpose of improving programme control (formative evaluations)
  • Prospective analysis of promising subject matters and structural features of technology and innovation programmes (ex ante evaluations)
  • Evaluations of organisations and institutions in business and academia (institutional evaluations)
  • Portfolio analysis of innovation programmes

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