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Technology Assessment

We offer public players, stakeholders, companies, associations, research institutions and organisations the full array of consulting services in the area of technology assessment and technology foresight, ranging from horizon scanning and the development of scenarios to roadmapping and conflict analysis. Our objective is to use this multi-facetted toolbox to assist our customers in innovation processes, strategy development and future planning by opening up new perspectives.

Technology analysis
We identify and analyse technological, social and scientific developments and trends. Our interdisciplinary team conducts objective assessments of your specific situation, taking into account technical as well as social, ethical and environmental aspects. Our clients are given a comprehensive overview on framework conditions of innovation in order to provide more leeway as well as to open up new options and utilise these in the most optimal fashion.

We incorporate and consolidate oftentimes diverging positions of experts, citizens, decision-makers and stakeholders concerned with technology and innovation, and provide expert facilitators to mediate between the different perspectives. We also aim at capturing and constructively supporting complex interdependencies between technological innovation and social stakeholders.

Future strategies
"Predictions are difficult, especially when they are about the future." Both public and private players face this dilemma when they intend to identify current challenges along with technological and market-related trends.

The iit moderates strategic processes by utilising its own visual roadmapping method. In addition, we offer foresight methods that are specifically tailored to businesses and are equally suitable for trend, technology and product analyses.

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