Management of charging processes for electric vehicles

Whitepaper: Representation of the communication channels using a map for smart charging – extended Edition I

Lars Ostendorf, Doris Johnsen, Mischa Bechberger

The accompanying research in cooperation with the projects of the funding programme “Elektro-Mobil" by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action have achieved a trendsetting consensus for a smart management of the charging infrastructure. The conclusion of the whitepaper (extended Edition I) is the quick feasibility of power control for first use cases via an orchestration of flexible consumer loads behind the grid connection point with an energy management system and a prioritisation of the control signals. The smart charging use cases are structured by means of traffic lights between market-based price and emergency control. With the help of a map, the whitepaper shows the communication paths of these scenarios with actors and interfaces of the electric mobility and the corresponding standards.