Our Topics

Education & Research

For us, education and research are inextricably linked with innovative strength.

Innovations & Technologies

Developments and technologies change and determine the most diverse fields of application.


Developments in mobility not only have considerable market potential, but can also contribute to climate protection at the same time.

Digitasation & Artificial Intelligence

Digitasation is continuously changing all areas of life. Artificial intelligence is accelerating this process – from very obvious to almost imperceptible.


Global trends and international developments influence local innovation landscapes. And vice versa, a local innovation can have far-reaching effects.

Regional Development & Infrastructure

Urban living and conurbations, but also rural regions need new concepts for even more quality of life and competitiveness.

Energy & Sustainability

Questions of sustainability and efficient energy are becoming increasingly urgent. And even though Germany and Europe only have a small share of global emissions, not only here but everywhere.

Medicine & Health

Technologies and research results are often linked to hopes for more quality in health, medical and care issues. One of the challenges is how innovations are incorporated into practice.

Economy & Labor, Business development

In recent years, the framework conditions for companies of all sizes have changed significantly. These and new developments require adjustments and a new self-understanding.