We can help to identify trends and developments at an early stage.

The future is uncertain – even we can’t change that. But we can help you to identify trends and developments at an early stage, to relate them to each other and to make them plausible. Formulating different manifestations of the future enables you to identify, evaluate and prioritize your options.

While forecasts and projections attempt to predict future developments in mostly narrowly defined contexts, such an approach is bound to fail in complex entities such as a society: The influencing factors are too diverse and their degrees of freedom too variable for them to be predicted with any certainty. Accordingly, in strategic foresight, we rely on identifying factors across category boundaries, correlating them with one another and making assumptions about possible chains of effects. In this process, plausibility takes the place of certainty in order to be able to describe events that are possible but by no means certain to occur. To ensure that our statements are as robust as possible, we use data analytics and expert knowledge to ensure that they are based on a solid foundation.

With our many years of experience in strategic foresight, which we have applied and further developed in projects for TAB, BMBF, the European Commission, BMAS and other clients, we also support you in identifying and taking viable paths into the future in the face of growing uncertainty, volatility, contradictoriness and complexity.


Here you will find an overview of the iit’s foresight projects.
Many of the evaluation projects also include elements of foresight.

Digitalisierung & Künstliche Intelligenz, Innovationen & Technologien

Digital sovereignty means being able to shape one's own life with digital technologies in a self-determined manner and being able to assess the consequences of digitalised actions. In the digital society, competent handling of new media, digital shadows, quantified self, big data, platform economies, social bots and bit coins is […]

Energie & Nachhaltigkeit

Within the framework of a service contract for the German Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt – UBA), adelphi research GmbH and iit are developing a method for in-depth trend analysis to be applied to two dynamically developing topics. The aim is not only to identify trends relevant to environmental policy, but also […]