If your questions do not fit into a table, we make your project fit with the matching set of technical and methodological expertise.

Anyone can compare apples with apples. But in order to grasp complex issues, it is often necessary to relate apples to oranges. If your questions do not fit into a table, we support you with comprehensive expertise and methodological skills which we apply in all our analyses and studies.

Unfortunately, there are usually no easy answers to difficult questions. Or the answer would be simple if only the right data were available for all questions. Particularly in rapidly developing topics, we find that there is a lot of data, but the “right” data is often nowhere to be found. Therefore, we use up to date data approaches to complement established statistics and apply sophisticated data fusion and analysis techniques on this basis. We use approximated items to create valid references, even if these do not appear to exist at first glance. This enables us to provide answers to challenging questions. In combination with qualitative methods we create clarity in unclear topics and also offer an outlook on future developments. Of course, you will be involved in important intermediate steps of the processing.

As a result, you can expect more from us than a well-tempered “both and”. We stand for well-founded and pointed results but we also point out the limits of our knowledge. Our know-how in conducting analyses and studies on technical and socio-economic topics is comprehensively documented – be it on an international and European, national or even regional level. We would also be happy to support you in preparing evidence-based decisions.

Our clients of studies (selection)


Please find below an overview of the iit’s studies. Please also take a look at the ‘publications’ sites for free downloads.

Digitisation & Artificial Intelligence, Education & Research, Innovations & Technologies

Microcredentials (MC) are compact and thematically focussed training courses with proven examination performance. According to the EU Council recommendation from 2022, for example, they should help to flexibly address the constantly changing and differentiating skills requirements of everyday working and living life. Universities play a dual role here: on the […]

Economy & Labor, Business development, Education & Research, Regional Development & Infrastructure

The study "Further training needs and qualification structures in the field of energy and heat in the state of Bremen", commissioned by the Bremen Chamber of Employees, complements the study "Ecological transformation and dual training in the state of Bremen", which focuses on the topic of training, by determining the […]

Digitisation & Artificial Intelligence, Innovations & Technologies

In its digital strategy "Digital Hesse" and the agenda "AI made in Hesse - Our future agenda for innovation and responsibility", the German Hessian state government set itself the goal of bundling existing research activities and bringing together stakeholders from science and industry. This also includes quantum computing topics. The […]

Innovations & Technologies

On behalf of Volkswagen AG, the Institute for Innovation and Technology (iit) has prepared technology studies on the topics of quantum sensor technology and neuromorphic chips. The focus was on the central characteristics and origins of the two (core) technologies, their areas of application and disruptive potential with regard to […]

Digitisation & Artificial Intelligence

On behalf of the German Brandenburg Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Energy (MWAE), the Institute for Innovation and Technology (iit) has developed a strategy for the use of artificial intelligence in Brandenburg companies. The aim of the AI strategy is to improve the potential for AI technologies and their […]

Medicine & Health

Digitasation in care is a multifaced topic. The Care 4.0-Follow-Up project for example focuses on the successful connection to the telematics infrastructure. The iit supports the German Red Cross in preparing the connection of Red Cross care to the telematics infrastructure, which will become mandatory for home care and subsequently […]

Digitisation & Artificial Intelligence

In this project, iit experts and partners are working together on a study to develop recommendations for more data competence in municipal administrations. The "KoDaKo" project, funded by the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR), focuses on the question of how municipalities can best […]

Regional Development & Infrastructure

In a study, the Institute for Innovation and Technology (iit) is working with partners to develop recommendations for more data competence in municipal administrations. The "KoDaKo" project, which is funded by the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR), focuses on the question of how […]

Education & Research

The “BuWiN“ report (available in German only) contains statistical data and current research findings on the scientific qualification, career paths, employment conditions and career prospects of young researchers in Germany. It thus forms an important basis for the discussion and further development of the political and legal framework for young […]

Mobility, Regional Development & Infrastructure

On behalf of the Association of German Engineers (VDI), the Institute for Innovation and Technology (iit) conducted a study on automated driving in the smart city. The aim of the study was to classify and evaluate the current public opinion on automated driving based on scientific findings. A central finding […]

Medicine & Health

The demands on the care system are changing under the influence of demographic, social and digital developments. How can the working conditions of professional caregivers be improved and high-quality care be guaranteed under the claim of a sustainable use of resources? The use of digital technologies is changing the working conditions […]

Innovations & Technologies, Regional Development & Infrastructure

The study's aim was to evaluate the performance and competitiveness of the start-up ecosystem in Hamburg with a focus on non-financial support instruments for the promotion of start-ups and start-ups; identification of further development needs and the derivation of recommendations for action and concrete measures.

Innovations & Technologies, International

The Research and Technology Report is the management report of the Austrian Federal Government on federally funded research, technology and innovation in Austria. Based on current data, analyses and findings, relevant development trends and selected topics of the Austrian innovation system are described and reflected in an international context. The […]

Digitisation & Artificial Intelligence, Economy & Labor, Business development

In this study the situation of women working in the Internet economy is analyzed in order to point out from this deepening analyses as well as recommendations for action for the improvement of the future situation and to initiate measures. The results are intended to show the career opportunities for […]

Medicine & Health

The worldwide increasing consumption of meat products and their production conditions cause considerable problems for the environment and animals as well as health consequences for humans. A reduction of the persistently high meat consumption in Germany is therefore frequently demanded and an increased use of alternative protein sources is recommended, […]

Innovations & Technologies

The study identified and interviewed Berlin-based 3D printing users through an online survey of 3D printing applications and requirements, the potential and expectations of 3D printing, and support needs. Based on the results, in-depth interviews were conducted with selected experts from 3D printing users, 3D printing vendors and academic stakeholders. […]

Economy & Labor, Business development, Medicine & Health

In order to describe the state of development of digital assistance systems and to estimate their contribution with respect to inclusion/diversity, health maintenance and quality of work, the project developed a classification scheme according to the type of support (physical, sensory, cognitive), level of requirement (low, medium, high, variable) and […]

Economy & Labor, Business development, Medicine & Health, Mobility

Activities, work content and processes are changing under the influence of digitalisation. This is accompanied by different models of work organisation as well as qualification and competence needs. Although these developments have been dealt with in specialist publications in the recent past, they have hardly been related to each other. […]

Mobility, Regional Development & Infrastructure

The aim of the project "Potential Study CityWest" is to develop a systematic and holistic methodology to identify and evaluate possible applications of intelligent mobility technologies in urban test fields - and then to apply them to the selected test field "City West". For this purpose, criteria for the analysis […]

Medicine & Health

The study examines the options for senior citizens in the ongoing digitization of all areas of life. In particular from the perspective of the longest possible independence and participation in society into old age. Together with experts, the Institute for Innovation and Technology (iit) will develop a topic matrix, analyze […]

Economy & Labor, Business development, Innovations & Technologies, Regional Development & Infrastructure

In this project, the Institute for Innovation and Technology (iit) is developing a utilization concept and requirements program for an Innovation and Technology Center Industry 4.0, which directly addresses the declared goal of creating the infrastructural prerequisites for the further development of the Innovation and Technology Center Schöneweide as a […]

Medicine & Health, Regional Development & Infrastructure

The medical technology industry, which is characterised by medium-sized companies, is one of the mainstays of the healthcare industry in the Berlin-Brandenburg capital region. Accordingly, the regional healthcare industry cluster includes a separate field of activity, medical technology. The aim of the study is to determine the current status of […]

Economy & Labor, Business development

Education & Research

The Higher Education Pact 2020 with its so-called first pillar is a federal-state program for the admission of additional first-year students at universities in Germany. Within the framework of the Pact, the Federal Government will provide around €20.1 billion between 2007 and 2023 for the expansion of study capacities, while […]

Digitisation & Artificial Intelligence, Innovations & Technologies, Regional Development & Infrastructure

Together with the CIMA Institut für Regionalwirtschaft GmbH, the Institute for Innovation and Technology (iit) is developing a systematization of the technological and application potentials of novel adaptive-collaborative autonomous systems, in order to subsequently conduct a corresponding actor and potential analysis of the Hannover Region and an assessment of economic […]

Energy & Sustainability

On behalf of Climate-KIC Germany, the Institute for Innovation and Technology (iit) provides a structured overview of relevant funding programs for founders of CleanTech companies and makes recommendations on the relevant funding programs. Based on this, the iit provides strategic advice to the client regarding the further development of its […]

Economy & Labor, Business development

The industry is an engine of growth in Germany. It generates almost a quarter of the value added and has contributed to Germany's largely unscathed survival in the international financial crisis. Despite these successes, the industry is confronted with challenges of lack of public acceptance. This is where the iit […]

Digitisation & Artificial Intelligence, Regional Development & Infrastructure

The aim of the research project is to develop smart solutions/guidelines for an intelligent, innovative and affordable design of the technical infrastructures adapted to the Schwerin region and its surroundings. In order to find out what contribution the Internet of Things/Services can make to maintaining (and improving) the quality of […]

Economy & Labor, Business development, Education & Research

The study for the Association of German Engineers (VDI) aims to provide and analyze empirically based information on engineering education and the implementation of the European study reform in the engineering sciences. Data from the German Federal Statistical Office and data from the Higher Education Compass of the German Rectors' […]

Digitisation & Artificial Intelligence, Economy & Labor, Business development

The study commissioned by the VDI analyses the effects of digitisation on value creation and economic growth as well as on the labour market in Germany based on existing technical literature. It shows the relationship between ICT and economic growth, the effects of Industry 4.0 on value creation and the […]

Medicine & Health, Regional Development & Infrastructure

The aim of the potential study was to support the cluster health care industry - Health Capital - in the further development and future design of the technology transfer offer in the field of molecular diagnostics and bioanalytics. Based on the results of an evaluation of the Center for Molecular […]

Innovations & Technologies, Medicine & Health, Regional Development & Infrastructure

The project is based on the results of the study 'Support for people in need of care through technical assistance systems' presented at the end of 2013. It provided the German Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) with initial indications of the extent to which currently existing technical assistance systems are […]

Education & Research, Medicine & Health

The food industry is the fourth largest industrial sector in Germany with 555,000 employees in about 6,000 companies. In addition to a few large corporations, food is produced primarily by a large number of small and medium-sized companies: about 95 percent of the companies in the food industry employ less […]

Education & Research, Regional Development & Infrastructure

Based on the imminent expansion of the mechanical engineering campus of the University of Hannover located in Garbsen, the iit has been commissioned by the Hannover Region to investigate the future development possibilities of the location. In interaction with the Science and Technology Park, which is located about 2 km […]

Education & Research

The National Report on Junior Scholars (Bundesbericht Wissenschaftlicher Nachwuchs - BuWiN) is an independent, scientific report on the situation of young researchers in Germany, which primarily examines the qualifications, career paths and career prospects of doctoral students and postdocs. The report has been published once per legislative period since 2008. […]

Education & Research

In the largely unregulated continuing education sector, which is organized according to market economy principles, one segment of continuing vocational training occupies a special position. These are the vocational further training qualifications, which are uniformly regulated nationwide by further training regulations according to § 53 BBiG and § 42 HwO. […]

International, Regional Development & Infrastructure

The aim of the study was to work out the particular challenges of clusters in the creative and cultural sector and to develop a practicable evaluation and benchmarking tool on this basis. Despite the great heterogeneity of clusters in the creative industries, it was possible to develop a practice-oriented instrument […]

Education & Research, Innovations & Technologies

As part of the analysis phase, a structured overview of the existing competences of qualification opportunities and institutions (training, further education, universities) in the maritime sector in Hamburg was compiled for the Ministry of Economic and Labour Affairs of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Based on these results, […]

Education & Research

The task of the study is to develop questions and starting points based on analyses, needs assessments, scenarios, concept reviews, etc., which provide a framework and input for a comprehensive evaluation of the two measures 'Support for the Gifted - Vocational Training' and 'Advancement Scholarships' as instruments of the German […]

Economy & Labor, Business development, Education & Research

As part of STARegio initiative in the metropolitan regions of Hanover, Braunschweig and Göttingen/Kassel, a study was conducted to determine the demand for skilled workers and the current training situation of companies in the new technologies microsystems technology, biotechnology, nanotechnology and optical technologies and their fields of application. The objective […]