Medicine & Health

Technologies and research results are often linked to hopes for improved quality. One of the challenges is to incorporate innovations into healthcare practices.

The healthcare system is developing at a highly dynamic pace. There are new research findings in medicine, life sciences, pharmacy, psychology and the social and nursing sciences. Moreover, medical technology and research with regard to the healthcare system and patient-centred care is constantly updated. Demand-oriented care, quality, medical-technical progress and efficient use of resources are important keywords for the future design of the healthcare system. Among others, the iit is concerned with the following questions:

  • How does digitalization affect medical care?
  • How can local but cross-sectoral patient-centred care be organized on site?
  • What prerequisites and requirements does the use of new technologies entail?

The iit supports the players in the healthcare industry, for example, with analyses, evaluations and consulting services – the projects and publications are listed in full below.

Projects & Publications of the iit

in the field of medicine & health

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Das Thema: Medizin & Gesundheit existiert nicht.