Energy & Sustainability

Even though Germany and Europe account for only a small share of total global emissions, questions of sustainability and efficient energy are becoming more and more a pressing matter.

Whether energy and resource efficiency, climate protection or sustainability – amongst other things, at iit we discuss technologies and innovations , while taking into consideration whether they can help business, politics or society to mitigate or avoid worst-case scenarios or support acclimitazation. Questions may include the following:

  • Is it possible to globally and speedily reduce emissions of CO2 ?
  • Is sustainable economic growth even possible with a population of soon eight billion people?

The iit’s projects and publications on the topic of energy & sustainability are listed below.

Projects & Publications of the iit

in the field of energy & sustainability

Das Thema: Energie & Nachhaltigkeit existiert nicht.
Das Thema: Energie & Nachhaltigkeit existiert nicht.