Regional Development & Infrastructure

By developing new concepts there is potential to continously improve quality of life and competitiveness in urban living and metropolitan areas, but also in rural regions.

Increasing demands are made on regions and municipalities, for example in terms of technological solutions, in having flexible strategies in place or in showing superior social skills when hosting participatory formats with many stakeholders. For regional development, it is a matter of conserving resources and using them efficiently, developing mobility and logistics concepts, planning buildings and traffic routes that are suitable for community members, but also creating new opportunities through socially acceptable communication options with the help of appropriate technologies.

The iit provides neutral advice on the following questions, among others:

  • What does the regional innovation landscape look like?
  • Which innovation actors are the key players in the region?
  • What opportunities can be provided to improve networking and to strengthen existing potentials within and cross-regional?
  • How to differentiate the trends that may be ignored from the ones that must be considered when reviwing the regional innovation strategy?

The iit projects and publications on regional development & infrastructure are listed below.

Projects & Publications of the iit

in the field of regional development & infrastructure

Das Thema: Regionalentwicklung & Infrastruktur existiert nicht.
Das Thema: Regionalentwicklung & Infrastruktur existiert nicht.