Focus of work

  • Accompanying research Autonomics for Industry 4.0
  • Coaching and qualification of company founders from the ICT sector
  • Financing and promotion of technology-oriented start-ups

Curriculum vitae

Birgit Buchholz studied business administration and completed additional studies in environmental and quality management. She has been working as a research associate at iit in VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH since 2000. Her work as a senior consultant in the field of society and economy focuses on the assessment and support of start-up and R&D projects. As project manager for coaching and qualification in the start-up competition - IKT Innovativ, Ms. Buchholz is responsible for consulting and coaching as well as the conception and implementation of qualification measures for technology-oriented company founders. As part of the accompanying research Autonomik für Industrie 4.0, Ms. Buchholz supports the funded projects as a business management consultant in the development of business models and exploitation strategies.


Buchholz, Birgit; Bürger, Matthias; Straub, Sebastian; Bartels, Karsten U.; Beck, Susanne (2020): Kollaborative Wertschöpfungssysteme in der Industrie
Groß, Wolfram; Wangler, Leo; Kerlen, Christiane; Bräuninger, Michael; Teuber, Mark-Oliver; Buchholz, Birgit; Wahls, Marie; Pieper, Oliver; Dransfeld, Christian-A. (2017): Evaluation des Luftfahrzeugausrüsterprogramms des BMWi