Dr. Doreen Richter-Chadha

"Regional innovation and competitiveness have a direct impact on the living and working conditions of citizens. Supporting regions in recognizing their own strengths, addressing them strategically and thus creating unique economic selling points and an attractive living environment is one of the driving forces behind my work."

Focus of work

  • Regional economic analysis and evaluation of regional economic and innovation systems as well as identification of endogenous development potentials of regions with regard to innovation and competitiveness.
  • Development of regional transformation and innovation strategies against the background of structural change as well as in the context of cluster and innovation policies at the EU, federal, state and regional levels
  • Support of economic development institutions in the conception and implementation of Entrepreneurial Discovery Workshops for the identification of region-specific unique selling points and an integrated, knowledge-based regional development on the basis of intelligent specialization (Smart Specialization)
  • Coaching of regional network managements and cluster initiatives in all stages of set-up and development as well as support in professionalizing their network management with regard to service offers, public relations and national and international networking
  • Development of monitoring concepts, implementation of monitoring processes and evaluation of monitoring data in connection with regional development projects
  • Sinus-Milieu research and innovation

Curriculum vitae

Dr. Doreen Richter-Chadha is a human geographer and regional economist. She received her PhD from the International Institute for Management and Economic Education (IIM) at the European University Flensburg in the field of regional innovation systems and their success factors. Since 2018, Ms. Richter-Chadha has been working as a consultant in the Regional Development and Cooperation Models group in the field of demography, clusters and foresight, and as a research associate at iit. Her qualifications and expertise lie in particular in the subject area of innovation-based regional development. This means in the regional economic analysis and evaluation of regional economic and innovation systems as well as in the identification of endogenous development potentials of regions with regard to their innovation and competitiveness. These analyses have formed the basis for the development of regional transformation and innovation strategies in a large number of consulting projects for state ministries and local authorities. The strategy development is conducted, among other things, in the context of specific network, cluster and innovation policies.


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