Dr. Matthias Künzel

"The fourth industrial revolution, the energy revolution or threats to civil security pose major societal challenges. All the more important are interdisciplinary and resilient systemic solutions which provide real added value for everybody involved."

Focus of work

  • Civil security: reconcile technical possibilities and social demands
  • Digitalisation, smart X, IoT, Industry 4.0 (engineering, sensors, life cycle, resource efficiency)
  • Value chain analysis and development of business models
  • Technology foresight (roadmaps, analysis of technical, economic and social impacts, SWOT)
  • Cluster development and cluster policies, cluster management
  • excellence Design, management and evaluation of innovation support schemes (more than funding)

Curriculum vitae

Matthias Künzel studied electrical engineering and made his PhD in 1997. He has been working for VDI/VDE-IT since 2002 and has gained a wealth of experience in innovation policy and technology promotion at both national and European level over the past 15 years. Aside from and in combination with his technical focal areas – transformation of industry towards digital economy and civil security – he focused on measures to support SMEs during the last decade: he is involved in cluster policy, manages the evaluation of projects in regional funding programmes and accompanied the introduction of the voucher model into the national funding landscape. He is also the lead auditor for the European Cluster Excellence Initiative and is responsible for dedicated internal quality management processes. Matthias Künzel in addition is the author of a series of studies on innovation and industrial policy in various industries.


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