Dr. Matthias Seydack

"Medical technology includes products as different as scalpels and cardiac pacemakers. Future medical devices are expected to be more complex, more interconnected, in some cases more biological but still ought to be easy to handle. To develop such products, specialists with different areas of expertise are required to collaborate closer than ever before."

Focus of work

  • Medical electronics
  • Optical and biomedical technology
  • Approval of medical devices
  • Obstacles for innovation in medical technology and how to overcome them
  • Counsel for prospective medical device producers

Curriculum vitae

Dr. Matthias Seydack studied physics and obtained a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Humboldt University, Berlin. He then worked as project manager and later as CEO for a small diagnostic company where he gathered scientific expertise in the areas of optical, electronic and microfluidic point-of-care diagnostics. In the course of several collaborative R&D projects he had a chance to stay at the University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong) as industrial visiting scientist. As a result of his stay, he also acquired knowledge in the field of nano-biotechnology. For several years, Dr. Seydack was also in charge of the ISO 13485 certification of his company. As his next career move he joined TÜV Rheinland as a medical expert and auditor of quality management systems. In 2009, Matthias Seydack was hired by VDI/VDE-IT. In the position of senior manager in the Electronics and Microsystems Department he is currently responsible for topics of medical electronics and medical technology.

Teaching assignments

  • Lecturer for Medical Biophysics in the degree program Medical Education (BSc) at Medical School Berlin (since 2012).