Nicolas Gouze

"Electronics plays a critical dual role in circularity: greening components and systems is essential, while enabling circularity through functionalities is key to retaining value, extending usage, facilitating recycling and minimising environmental impact."

Focus of work

  • Electronics and optronics
  • European innovation and research policy
  • Circular Economy
  • Health Technologies
  • International cooperation

Curriculum vitae

Nicolas Gouze studied optoelectronics at the University of Paris XI (now the University of Paris-Saclay) and innovation management at the University of Valenciennes in France. Gouze has been working for VDI/VDE-IT since 2004 and, as a consultant, is responsible in particular for strategic projects at European level. These include strategic activities relating to the European Technology Platform for Smart Systems Integration (EPoSS) and the EU-funded research and innovation measure "UNICORN - Unveiling Innovation Potential of Circular Approaches in Automotive Electronics and Beyond", which Nicolas Gouze has been coordinating since 2022.


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