Peter Hahn

"Our future quality of life depends on the extent to which social and environmental sustainability, participation and fairness become crucial aspects of successful business models."

Focus of work

  • Socially, ecologically and digitally sustainable business models
  • Managing quality and cooperation
  • Development cooperation for innovation

Curriculum vitae

Peter Hahn is an industrial clerk, business graduate and health economist. He was initially the controller of a large medical laboratory and worked for a global industrial group in the USA. In the post-reunification period, he accompanied the transformation processes of the former GDR health care facilities to the changed financing conditions, both conceptually and in terms of action. Value and process-oriented management approaches became lasting tools for Peter's professional tasks, in business development in and for start-ups, in the design and implementation of international cooperation, in the context of development cooperation for innovation, and as a quality management officer. Currently, Peter is working on the global orientation of European research funding networks and on sustainable, digitally sovereign business models.


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