AI for the justice system in Hesse - conceptualisation and implementation of a series of workshops

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a key technology for solving complex tasks and creating new approaches to overcoming economic and social challenges. The use of AI is not about replacing people, but about relieving and supporting them. The potential of artificial intelligence to automate workflows and work processes is also being discussed in the justice system. For example, AI applications in the field of text and speech recognition could help to speed up and simplify processes and workflows in the justice system.

Against this background, a series of workshops on the topic of "AI for the judiciary" is to be conceptualised and carried out. The workshops will bring together AI experts and AI technology providers from business and science with lawyers and employees in the judiciary to take a look at the potential uses of AI in everyday judicial work. The aim of the workshops is to arouse the interest/enthusiasm of employees in the justice system in/for AI and to identify possible areas of application in order to support those working in the justice system in their day-to-day tasks. Target group-specific workshops will be held to discuss how AI could support work processes in the justice system.

The following objectives were pursued with the project:

  • Conception of three full-day workshops with lawyers and involvement of experts from science and business for keynote speeches
  • Organisation, implementation and moderation of the workshops
  • Preparation of the results and concrete ideas for the use of AI in the justice system


    August 2023 until November 2023


    Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH (on behalf of the Hessian Ministry of Justice)