Capacity development needs for industry 4.0

The fourth Industrial Revolution, the transition to Industry 4.0, also poses major challenges for Asian economies and governments.

In addition to the industrial capacity for Industry 4.0, the respective national research, technology, education and innovation policies play a major role with regard to the readiness of Asian countries for the industrial production of the future.

The Asian Productivity Organization (APO, ) is an intergovernmental organization with members in 20 Asian states.

The APO's research project 'Capacity Development Needs for Industry 4.0' aims to examine the needs for further capacity development in Asian countries. In addition to an overview of the current situation in all APO countries, the countries India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam are (initially) the focus of special attention in the context of in-depth country studies.

Ernst Hartmann from the iit is leading this transnational project as Chief Expert.


October 2018 until June 2019


Asian Productivity Organization (APO)