Digital sovereignty of all generations

Digital sovereignty means being able to shape one's own life with digital technologies in a self-determined manner and being able to assess the consequences of digitalised actions. In the digital society, competent handling of new media, digital shadows, quantified self, big data, platform economies, social bots and bit coins is already a prerequisite for social participation today and will be increasingly so in the future.

The aim of the project is to identify opportunities and solutions that support people in using digital technologies competently and to understand and assess the potential, consequences and implications of this use. The project's approach is cross-generational, but places a special focus on older people and their requirements for participation in the digital society.

A novelty of the analysis is that it is not only based on the current technological state of the art, but also looks to the future based on foresight methods. In view of the exponential rate of innovation in digital technologies and fundamentally changing human-technology interactions, the study will focus less on the increasingly short-lived operating knowledge of new technologies and more on the orientation knowledge that allows the use and evaluation of current and new technologies.


September 2018 until April 2019


Bertelsmann Stiftung