Education and training networks for microsystems technology (AWNET)

The task was a subtask of the long-standing Innovum project within the MST programme and included the supra-regional coordination of the nationwide education and training network for microsystems technology, which consists of six regional networks. The aim of the network is to bring together players from universities, colleges, industry, small and medium-sized enterprises, training providers with common interests in the promotion of young people and specialists in the field of microsystems technology. The task of the individual networks is to expand and adapt training and further education parallel to the rapid technological development in this key technology in order to promote the urgently needed specialists for industry and research. The supra-regional coordination task, which was set up for the first two years of the regional networks, included securing the internal supra-regional communication of the network association, setting up, maintaining and equipping the content of the portal, supporting the regional networks in supra-regional topics, creating an interface to relevant communities (e.g. MST community, network research, gender mainstreaming) outside the network. Of particular importance in this context was the establishment of overarching relationships of trust between the regional networks, despite partially conflicting interests between the regional networks.


December 2002 until March 2005


German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)