Evaluation of the second funding period of the Bavarian Cluster Initiative

Within the framework of the evaluation carried out by the iit together with the Centre for Regional and Innovation Economics (CRIE) at the University of Bremen, the central cluster policy measure of the Free State of Bavaria, the Cluster Offensive, is being examined with regard to its effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability. In addition to the analysis and evaluation of the established structures, processes, instruments, the service portfolio and the effects generated among the actors involved, options for the further development of the individual cluster platforms and the Cluster Offensive as an overall measure for a third funding period will be worked out. For the evaluation with the three levels of processing - data collection and analysis, discussion and reflection of the results as well as development of scenarios - a mix of quantitative and qualitative survey instruments will be used, some of which were developed by iit and CRIE and have a unique instrumental character.


June 2014 until November 2014


Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology