Future Technology Status

On behalf of Volkswagen AG, the Institute for Innovation and Technology (iit) has prepared technology studies on the topics of quantum sensor technology and neuromorphic chips. The focus was on the central characteristics and origins of the two (core) technologies, their areas of application and disruptive potential with regard to the automotive industry. In addition to relevant scientific (specialist) publications, data from the private sector context was also used.

The publications are part of an internal VW publication series "Future Technology Status", which are published quarterly and each present a single technology or a specific technological trend in a scientifically sound and at the same time easy-to-understand manner. The focus is on trendsetting technologies that have the potential to change social mobility in the long term - and thus also influence Volkswagen AG's business model. The aim of the publication series is to sensitize decision-makers from Volkswagen Group Research to (newly) emerging technological developments that are subject to a high degree of temporal and technical uncertainty and/or have a high impact on various (development) areas of Volkswagen AG.


October 2021 until December 2021


Volkswagen AG