Horizon Scanning 2.0 – Establishment of a horizon scanning system at the Federal Environment Agency

In the project 'Horizon Scanning 2.0 – Establishment of a Horizon Scanning System', the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA) is supported by the Institute for Innovation and Technology (subcontract: adelphi consult GmbH) in implementing a system for identifying and processing topics that will be highly relevant to the work of the UBA in the future. These topics are a multitude of social and technological developments, which are still rather blurred in the form of weak signals, but which may become ecologically relevant in their future manifestations. Building on the conceptual foundations of a predecessor project, the approach of horizon scanning, already used in other policy fields, will be analyzed, tested and expanded on the basis of the organizational and structural prerequisites of the environment ministry. As a result, the Federal Environment Agency will be provided with a process that is useful in its everyday work and easy to handle, so that it can recognize environmentally relevant developments that have so far received little attention at an early stage and react accordingly.

Please also see Horizon Scanning 3.0


October 2015 – July 2019


German Federal Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation, Construction and Reactor Safety/ German Environment Agency