Dr. Anne Busch

"In the changing world of work, we need sustainable innovations – for resource-strengthening and health-promoting working conditions."

Focus of work

  • Sociology of work, occupations and organizations, Work psychology
  • Work 4.0 and Care 4.0
  • Occupational stress and health
  • Labor market and social inequality
  • Quantitative and qualitative methods of empirical social research
  • Systemic coaching

Curriculum vitae

After studying sociology, Anne Busch started her phD at the Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences on the causes, reproduction and consequences of occupational gender segregation, with research stays at Stanford University and the University of Tampere. She was also research associate at the DIW Berlin / Socio-Economic Panel and at Bielefeld University (SFB 882). She then worked as a junior professor for sociology (in particular work, organization, gender) at the University of Hamburg and as a professor for sociology with a focus on social inequality and gender research at the University of Duisburg-Essen. She has been working as a scientific associate at Institute for Innovation and Technology (iit) since 2020. Here, among other things, she took over the management of a project on case studies on the effects of the corona crisis on organizational transformation processes (accompanying research for the „Arbeitsweltberichterstattung“) that was funded by Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.


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