Benedikt Krieger

"Hardly a day goes by on which we do not interact with technical and increasingly adaptable, intelligent systems. I find it fascinating to understand what risks but also opportunities arise from this interaction. At the iit, I gladly work on creating this underlying understanding and the resulting policy recommendations."

Focus of work

  • Assistant technologies, AI and robotics
  • Interdisciplinary reflection on socio-digital systems
  • Technology assessment
  • Data analysis and trend-scouting

Curriculum vitae

Benedikt Krieger regularly works with teams at the Institute for Innovation and Technology (iit) on data-driven analysis projects. He also is a scientific advisor for research projects on topics of human-technology interaction. He is particularly interested in gaining an understanding of aspects of human interaction with intelligent systems. Previously, Benedikt Krieger worked as a management consultant and in the manufacturing industry. Benedikt Krieger studied industrial engineering at TU Ilmenau and Tongji University Shanghai. He completed his Master's degree with research on the future of human-robot interaction at KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm and the University of Cambridge.


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