Christine Weiß

"In the future, care technology will have the same meaning for care as medical technology for medicine."

Focus of work

  • Research and innovation in context of demographic change
  • Health, assistance and care technologies
  • Medical technologies and Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)
  • Digitization of the social and creative economy
  • Innovations for small and medium-sized enterprises

Curriculum vitae

Christine Weiß studied mechanical engineering, specializing in biomedical technology, at the Technical University of Berlin. She then worked for five years as a development engineer for invasive monitoring at B. Braun Melsungen AG. In 2000, Ms. Weiß started as a research associate at VDI/VDE-IT. In 2011, she became deputy head of "Demography, Clusters and Future Research" and senior manager at the Institute for Innovation and Technology (iit). In 2019, she took over as head of the "Innovation and Cooperation" division and became a member of the steering committee of the national network of project management agencies.


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