Claudia Martina Buhl

"I am excited to develop and monitor new science-business cooperation models. It is interesting and challenging at the same time to consider and take part in the broad scope for action from all perspectives."

Focus of work

  • Questions of innovation and cluster policy
  • Analysis and evaluation of network and cluster policy at regional, national and EU level
  • Assessment and evaluation of regional cooperation potentials with consequent development plans
  • Investigation of cluster structures and other models of science-business cooperations with corresponding management organisations and resulting conception of further development options
  • Evaluation, benchmarking and process design of clusters, other models of science-business cooperation and regions

Curriculum vitae

Claudia Martina Buhl studied Political Science at the University of Potsdam, specialising in comparison and analysis of political an economic systems and international politics. Since 2007, she has worked at VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH as senior consultant in the International Technology Cooperation and Clusters Department. Claudia Buhl directs various programmes and projects with an innovation- and cluster-specific frame of reference. She is also a guest lecturer at teaching events on cluster and cluster management topics and an honorary member of a political foundation's think tank whose members identify future political, economic and social topics for Germany.


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