Corinne Büching

„Innovation requires creativity and analytical thinking, but above all courage! This is how visionary scenarios can become reality.“

Focus of work

  • FabLab & Maker Movement
  • Digitalisation & Education
  • Science and Technology Studies
  • Qualitative Methods and Methodology
  • Human Factors

Curriculum vitae

Corinne Büching studied social sciences at the Universities of Göttingen and Leiden (Netherlands). Since July 2017 she is a consultant at the Institute for Innovation and Technology (iit) in the subject of digitization processes at universities. She permeates the problems faced by a university in the digital age and understands the opportunities that a digital university opens up for all people. Working as a research assistant for several years at the working group Digital Media in Education (University of Bremen) and at the Center for Technology and Society (TU Berlin), Corinne Büching has gained extensive experience in project management, research design and public relations communication of scientific results. Especially the topics FabLabs and Maker culture fascinate her. Watching people making their own 3D printer shows how new ways of learning are created through experimentation and creativity. Although these learning ways sometimes end in nowhere - they can also be the beginning of visions. Digital media are more than just a tool, they are design medium with potential for identification. In combination with creativity, technologies are the key to innovation for her.


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