Faten Saleh

"The digital and green transitions have long ceased to take place in parallel, but are rather taking place in mutual synergy. The analysis of the requirements for successfully shaping the transition and the implications for the development of skilled workers and the future of work, is important and exciting at the same time."

Focus of work

  • Strategic foresight
  • Qualification and skills development
  • Digital and green transition/socio-ecological transformation
  • Industrial and innovation clusters

Curriculum vitae

Faten Saleh joined the Institute of Innovation and Technology (iit) in 2017 as a research advisor. She holds a double bachelor's degree in Politics and Administration and Public Law and a master's degree in Political Science with a focus on international relations, political transformation and democracy promotion. After graduation, she worked at the German Foreign Office from 2015 until 2016. At iit, she focuses on international science cooperation, green transition and its impact on skilled labor development, as well as on industry and innovation clusters.


Gieschen, Jan-Hinrich; Nerger, Michael; Nögel, Lukas; Saleh, Faten; Schumacher, Marius (2023): Analyse und Bewert­ung der Akteurs­land­schaft sowie Ent­wick­lungs­per­spek­tiven für die De­kar­boni­sier­ung der Industrie
Weiterbildungsbedarfe und Qualifizierungsstrukturen im Bereich Energie und Wärme im Land Bremen (im Erscheinen) (1970)