Julia Froese

"Legally secure design is essential not only for contracts under private law, but also for government regulation in particular. Legal certainty and thus trust in the law and its enforcement are prerequisites for innovation and development."

Focus of work

  • Science System
  • Higher Education Law
  • Digital sovereignty in the economy
  • Legal design

Curriculum vitae

Julia Froese has been a research associate at iit in the VDI/VDE-IT since October 2018. There, she focuses on issues related to higher education governance and higher education development as well as the legal aspects of education, science, and digital sovereignty.


Ernst A. Hartmann (Hrsg.); Bertini, Anastasia; Deuse, Jochen; Dirzus, Dagmar; Dispan, Jürgen; Demitrescu, Roman; Eiling, Florian; Froese, Julia; Hadwich, Karsten; Huber, Marco; Joecks-Laß, Denise; Ködding, Patrick; Kropp, Cordula; Künzel, Matthias; Pentenrieder, Annelie; Reckelkamm, Thorsten; Straub, Sebastian; Vogt, Roland; Wortmeier, Ann-Kathrin (2020): Digitalisierung souverän gestalten